Metering in Bordelum launched

carpeDIEM started first online energy metering.

Metering Portal cbb Libra

Installation of carpeDIEM metering boxes next to house installation


The municipality of Bordelum is a network partner in the carpeDIEM project since December 2016. Bordelum strives to use their locally produced energy of solar systems and bio gas plants more efficiently.

Within the scope of carpeDIEM, metering devices were installed on August 28th. At five different locations 10 intelligent energy metering devices are installed.

Depending on the installation Efr Easymeter (electronic domestic supply meter) or Janitza UMG RM96 EL (power analyzer) are used. We are capable of collecting data in a 200 ms sampling rate.

The collected data will contribute to modelling energy cluster and defining DIEM scenarios based on real measurements. The data will be stored on server and processed by cbb Libra.