Mid Term Evaluation- How did it go?

The evaluation was carried out by Kienbaum, in the period of March – September 2017 and included our reports of the first project year.

Mid Term Evaluation- How did it go?

We would like to thank all partners and network partners that have participated in the Mid Term Evaluation of the carpeDIEM project. Through interviews with several network partners and the lead partner, based on a predefined questionnaire, all Interreg 5a projects were evaluated by Kienbaum, with respect to the general project achievements. The aim is to contribute with suggestions for improvements to the individual projects, and to provide an orientation for the Interreg board, which is responsible for the program to the progress of the projects.

  • The evaluation was focused on four categories:
  • Cooperation and project structures
  • Achievement of objectives
  • Effect of the project and contribution to the specific aim of the program
  • Establishment of the project

A total of 18 projects have been evaluated thus far. The evaluation results have been discussed in a 360 degrees workshop, held in Flensburg on September 5, 2017. In this workshop, 10 representatives of our partners participated.


carpeDIEM performs good!

Several points were emphasized as being very good within our project. Among them the fact, that we have two responsible persons for each work package, and that our network partner meetings are organized at different geographical locations, with the aim to visit different network partners and get to know them better and also to allow more network partners to join meetings as they eventually have short travelling ways for some of them.  Especially worth mentioning is the cross border partnership at eye level with competences that are present at all partners and resulting in this close collaboration, even an exchange of employees.

Kienbaum states that we are fulfilling the programs general aims to rise the use of sustainable resources and energy sources in the companies of the region due to our contribution of new technologies that allow for a sustainable, economic and effective use of local energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions and thus relieve the electricity grid. Very good is our engagement on the demonstration site in Dörpum where we installed meters in 2017 and we already became partners in a follow up project. This new project involves partners in Heidelberg and Berlin and can lead to a positive image of the region. We lack a demonstration site in Denmark, but we are in contact with potential partners with respect to demonstration site in Denmark. In total it is expected that we fulfill our objectives and there is a good chance for establishing the techniques in the region.

We hope to continue in that way and also hope for the continuous support of our network partners. We keep you informed and look forward to receive suggestions from the network and others.