General Information

Photo: Campus of TH Lübeck

Technische Hochschule Lübeck (TH Lübeck) is an institution of higher education focusing on technology, natural sciences, economy, and civil engineering. The number of students is about 4,200 along with 125 professors.

TH Lübeck consists of four departments

plus the institute for educational services and the administration.

The University’s credo can be translated as follows:

“Innovative qualification and applied research for economy on an international level“.

According to the objective agreements (Zielvereinbarungen) between the university and the ministry for the period 2014-18 the university focuses on

  • international programs
  • e-learning, and
  • technology transfer.

International programs

The university’s international focus is on double degree programs with China (East China University of Science and Technology - ECUST, Shanghai and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology - ZUST) and the USA (Milwaukee School of Engineering - MSOE). Five double degree programs have been successfully run for several years now, a new double degree program is about to start.

In addition to the ECUST- and MSOE-double degree programs, there are three English Master’s programs for international students at the TH Lübeck :


TH Lübeck offers three online Bachelor and Master programs:

As a member of the “Hochschulverband virtuelle Fachhochschule (VFH)”, TH Lübeck offers online programs within this association nationwide. The university’s institute for educational services and the university’s own company oncampus GmbH offer e-learning services as well as a great variety of online professional training.

Technology Transfer

The University of Applied Sciences has held leading places in nationwide third-party funds rankings for many years. The organisations THL Projekt-GmbH and THL Forschungs-GmbH created successful structures for technology transfer over the last years. These are backed up by the institute for entrepreneurship and business development. Eight so-called competence centers represent the fields of competences, from biotechnology to logistics.