• Registration at the University

    After arriving in Lübeck, new students must register at the admission office (Zulassungsstelle) of TH Lübeck. It is situated in building 36 on the ground floor, see campus map.

    Documents to bring

    • Original admission letter
    • Personal ID card or Passport
    • 1 passport size photograph
    • For degree seeking students: original documents of your previous studies, which give you the qualification for this program.
    • Proof of German/English language proficiency
    • Proof of student’s health insurance
    • Proof of payment of registration and semester fee (see below)

    Payment of Semester Fee

    You have to transfer the money (approx. 120 €; the exact amount is mentioned in your admission letter) via bank to the following bank account, at least two weeks before registration:

    RecipientStudentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
    IBANDE11 2105 0170 0025 0021 97
    BankFördesparkasse Kiel
    Reference"Your student ID"  20152 (e. g.: 999111 20152)

    If you stay for more than one semester, you have to pay the semester fee every semester to renew your registration.

    Payment of Registration Fee

    Please note: Exchange students are exempt from paying registration fee!

    You have to transfer the money (approx. 50 €; the exact amount is mentioned in your admission letter) via bank at least two weeks before registration.

    Student ID

    A couple of days after your registration, you will receive your student identity card (Studierendenausweis). With that student ID, local public transportation is free of charge. In addition, it provides further benefits to students such as reduced transport fees to major cities in Germany.
    The student ID is necessary for receiving the library card, Mensa card, internet access and so on.

    Personal E-Mail Account

    After registration, every student gets a personal e-mail account (givenname.familyname@stud.th-luebeck.de). Please check it regularly, since the TH Lübeck central administration and the departments send important information to this account.

  • Dormitory Check-in

    Please note: This section refers to Studentenwerk dormitories only (see section "Accommodation").

    Opening hours of the janitor: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7:30 - 9:00 am.

    1. Documents to bring

    • Confirmation of Studentenwerk / lease contract
    • Passport / ID
    • Proof of payment of the deposit (250 Euros)

    2. Sign the record for moving into the room

    You will get this document from the janitor (Hausmeister) Mr. Bordt. His office (Hausmeisterbuero) is on the ground floor, on the left side of the dormitory building III (Anschützstr. 11). Students have to sign the contract for the dormitories. There will be three copies of the contract document. One of them is for student's reference, the other two should be given to the janitor. Before accepting the room, please check the condition of the furniture in your room. It is expected to return the room in the same condition as on arrival.

    3. Sign the lease contract

    You receive the lease contract for your room from the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein. There are two copies; one to be kept by the student for his/her reference; the other should be given to the janitor (Hausmeister). He will forward the contract and room records to the Studentenwerk for their acknowledgement and approval.

    4. Make sure the rent is paid monthly (until the very end of the contract)

    After opening your German bank account, you have to pay your first monthly rent. It’s very important to provide the account details for the janitor so that room rents for further months are automatically deducted from your account. You can also choose the option to manually transfer the room rent in each month on an agreed date.

  • Registration in Town / Visa Extension (Residence Permit)

    EU citizens

    Step 1

    All German and European students staying in Lübeck have to register with the city within 7 days after their arrival. Bring your passport and declare your reason (studies) and give your address in Lübeck.

    Meldestelle Lübeck (Registration as inhabitant)
    Büro Innenstadt (Center City Office)
    Zimmer 1 (Room 1): Draw a number in the waiting area and wait until your number is called
    Dr.-Julius-Leber-Str. 46-48
    23552 Lübeck

    Step 2

    Allow time for the "Meldestelle" to inform the "Ausländerbehörde" (immigration office) about your being here. After about two weeks go back to the same building, this time to the immigration office, for your resident permit (for EU citizens: "Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung" - certificate of unrestricted mobility).

    Ausländerbehörde Lübeck (immigration office)
    Büro Innenstadt
    2nd floor
    Dr.-Julius-Leber-Str. 46-48
    23552 Lübeck

    Documents to bring:

    • Filled out registration sheet (Anmeldung)
    • Passport
    • 1 photo (biometric)
    • Proof of immatriculation at TH Lübeck
    • Proof of health insurance

    Opening hours of both offices:

    • Mondays, 8 am – 2 pm
    • Tuesdays, 8 am – 2 pm
    • Wednesdays closed
    • Thursdays, 8 am – 6 pm
    • Fridays from 8 am – noon

    Non-EU citizens

    You have to do the described process for EU citizens in reverse. First, go to the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde), then register as an inhabitant, each time bringing along the above listed items.
    If you leave Germany after your stay, make sure to also inform the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde).

    For detailed information about necessary formalities see this DAAD page.

  • Bank Account

    Opening a Bank Account

    Opening a bank account is one of the first few things one should do upon arrival. You may initially need to transfer money for various purposes, as mentioned in this guide. It is important to note the service fee that different banks charge for each month. If it is likely that various transactions could occur between the particular bank and a bank in your home country, it is always advisable to select the same bank in Germany to minimize transaction fees.

    To open a bank account you have to show/give:

    • your passport with a valid visa
    • your new address in Lübeck
    • student ID card or admission letter (proof that you are a student)

    Using your account, you can now transfer the registration fee. Therefore you need:

    • Enough cash on your bank account
    • A form for money transfer (sent along with the admission letter)

    Money Transferring Procedures in Germany

    You have three options to transfer money:

    Option 1: "Direct Debit Authorization" (Lastschrift)

    This is the recommended option for monthly payments. You may accept that the organizations can debit the monthly payments from your bank account automatically. In this case, you will have the possibility to order false transfers back. Make sure that you have enough money on your account. Only this option is accepted by the Studentenwerk for the payment of the room rent.

    Option 2: "Standing Order" (Dauerauftrag)

    Arrange a standing order with your bank so the money is transferred automatically. It is possible to choose a monthly date for the transfer and you can cancel this whenever you want. Be sure that you have enough money on your account. If not, the bank will not transfer and you will not get any message from your bank!

    Option 3: "Manual Order" (Überweisung)

    You have to give the order to transfer the money every month manually. However, students have forgotten this often and have thus caused problems.