Water Engineering, M.Sc.

The study program is currently under revision and accreditation. New applications are planned for the winter term 2020/21.

Study degree: Master of Science, M.Sc.
Regular study period: 4 semesters
Beginning of study: winter term
Form of study: Studying full-time with full support
ETCS: 120 CP*
* Credit Points (CP or LP) are rated in the European Union within the European Creadit Transfer System (ECTS). The system simplifies the crediting of courses from different European universities.
Specialization: Water-related topics
Access requirements:

The Water Engineering Master is a consecutive study program focusing on water-related topics. To apply for this program students must achieve at least a rate of 2.7 in a civil engineering, environmental engineering or comparable bachelor degree.

Access limits: This study program has access limits.
Target group: National and international students with a bachelor degree and main specialization on water-related topics.
Regulations: Examination regulations (in German)
Examination procedure regulations (in German)
Accreditation: The accreditation process starts in November 2019. The study program will start in winter term 2020/21.

Head of Study Program

Christoph Külls
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Hydr.
Christoph Külls

Phone:+49 451 300 5742