• Compulsory modules for all specializations

    The first semester of the program provides fundamental information such as Mechanics of Solids, Engineering Mathematics, Materials Science, etc.; the second semester offers further specialization, especially in the two profiles Design and Materials. The third semester consists of the Master's project and the Master's thesis.

    The language of instruction and examination is English, completely. Typical forms of assessment are written exams, projects, laboratories, seminars and presentations.

    Compulsory modules for all specializations

    Module name
    Abbreviation Semester
    Selected Topics of Finite Element Methods STFEM 14 5
    Selected Topics in Engineering Mathematics STEMa 14 5
    Materials Science MatSc 14 5
    Advanced Product Development APD 14 5
    Management and Leadership MgLs 12 5
    Seminar I: Current Research Topics Sem I 2 2  
    Product Development in Production PrDev 2 4  
    Seminar II: Guide to Scientific Work Sem II 3 2  

    Study graduation

    Thesis   3 22
    Final colloquium   3 3