In international business you can only survive by proactively facing the challenges and managing the future yourself.

The development and design of successful products and solutions for the market is a key success factor in business worldwide. It is one of the major foundations for the strategic market position for industry in the future.

This is where the Design specialization has its focus on: Teaching a philosophy of thinking above horizons and limitations and targeting application technology that meets all relevant requirements – technical, social and environmental.


Materials have always played a major role in the development of new products and will be a key factor to a successful orientation of mechanical engineering in the future. In the past decades there has been a permanent and progressive growth in the area of plastics, composite materials and high strength alloys.

Those specialized engineering materials increasingly support innovations for light weight construction, high performance application and generative energy products. Manufacturing processes are optimized and innovative solutions are created that would have been impossible in the past.

It becomes more and more crucial for graduates to understand, analyze and influence the microstructure or mechanical behavior of different materials.
Therefore, we offer students to focus on polymers, composite materials or metals.  In addition, students can research and finish their Master’s thesis in the field of surface sciences.
A tight cooperation of our university with companies via the Kunststoff-Kompetenzzentrum KuK forms the background of our immense know-how, constant development of new ideas and thus of the completion of various Master’s thesis topics in the past.

Speciality „International Design Engineer“ (IDE)

You can decide to study one or two semesters abroad at our partner universities during your course of master studies and experience the following benefits.

  • Personality development
  • Expanded professional expertise
  • Building a network of international contacts

This special section is named “International Design Engineer (IDE)”.
Here the main focus is on interaction between the students, their university and industry.

This part of the study program is coordinated with our international partner universities, e.g. concerning its curriculum. It provides you with the choice of special subjects and classes at our partner universities in the second or third semester.

Hereby we are able to offer you an extended range of classes, subjects and know-how; significantly more than one single university would be able to provide. This way you will gain international experiences and a broader understanding of your field of specialization.

Our program also offers you the opportunity of carrying out your Master’s project and thesis (3rd semester) in an international student team in a country outside of Germany.

The study program M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering is accredited und follows the international ECTS system for recognition, exchange and granting credits.