Internationalisierung des Studienangebots

Das Austauschprogramm mit der MSOE besteht seit dem Wintersemester 1994/95. Die ersten ISE-Absolvent_innen haben ihren Doppelabschluss in den USA im Sommer 1996 erworben.

Die Technische Hochschule Lübeck ist daran interessiert, ihr Studienangebot weiter zu internationalisieren. Englischsprachige Lehrveranstaltungen wie die des ISE-Programms stehen daher auch Studierenden von anderen Partnerhochschulen und aus anderen Ländern offen. So konnten in den vergangenen Jahren bereits Studierende aus Lettland und Spanien an den Lehrveranstaltungen teilnehmen. 

Erfahrungsberichte von ISE-Absolvent_innen

“This program is tough, there are no doubts about that, but I have enjoyed it immensely. The gains in cultural knowledge, foreign experience and the opportunity to tour Europe have made this project a first-class experience.”

James Lundt, Iowa

“Participating in the exchange program is the best decision I have made. This program offers the opportunity to see a different culture and get the needed education for my career.”

Thorsten Bartels, Germany

“Entering into the electrical engineering exchange program between MSOE and the THL in Germany has been one of my best decisions ever!”

Krista Shepard, Oregon

“I strongly urge anyone interested in the program to make the commitment of going. This will not be something you regret doing, but it may be if you never do it.”

Chad Rebel, Iowa

“The exchange program is a great opportunity to broaden my horizons. In addition to the benefits to my career, the program has offered me a great deal of personal enrichment.”

Christian Sauerland, Germany

“I have really enjoyed participating in the MSOE-THL exchange program. Not only have I experienced education from a European perspective, but I have gained some useful insight into how life works outside the USA.”

Peter Herren, Illinois

“Choosing to spend my junior year of college in Germany was one of the best decisions I have made. Experiencing a different culture and educational system has given me a new outlook on life”

Jeffrey Tauchen, Wisconsin

“I tried to become part of their society, and was personally enriched by the experience.”

Tony Sollazo, Wisconsin