Free online training for everyone: the FutureLearnLab learning platform

A few more weeks until the new year 2023 will be welcomed. A moment for the Institute for Interactive Systems to pause and look back gratefully:

In 2020, the Institute for Interactive Systems developed the FutureLearnLab learning platform. A platform that the institute uses for test/trial purposes for the digital teaching/learning content (courses, modules, nuggets) developed by the ISy, but at the same time to give everyone free access to the digital educational content that has been developed and produced .

In terms of content, the topics of the now 74 freely accessible online courses with a total of around 3750 hours of workload on the platform range from preparing for studies in subjects such as mathematics or computer science to dealing with social media, data protection or digital self-protection, and sales law , various language courses, information courses for refugees from Arabic, Ukrainian or Russian-speaking countries to economics and political science courses, courses for people in educational professions or a MOOC Maker and H5P course. The only requirement for participation in the free online courses is to set up a user account on FutureLearnLab, which is also free of charge (comparable to a customer account on the website of an online shopping company).

Prof. Dr. Monique Janneck, Head of the Institute for Interactive Systems at the TH Lübeck reports:

"With pride in the achievements of my employees and our project partners and with thanks for the sponsors behind our developments, we look today at our digital learning platform, which can be used free of charge by anyone interested in learning of any age, regardless of time and location, with no access restrictions. The contents of the short are aimed at all people, regardless of their level of education and their origin. The only requirement for our courses is an interest in learning new things and wanting to develop personally or professionally. Some of the online courses have also been developed entirely in English, Arabic, Ukrainian and Russian.”

Arne Welsch, Managing Director of the Institute for Interactive Systems explains:

"When producing our online teaching/learning offers, we always follow the scientific knowledge that playful elements in particular promote people's motivation to learn. Therefore, our modules are equipped with numerous playful elements - so-called gamification elements. These are, for example, quizzes for self-reflection and self-assessment of learning progress or reward elements in the form of small badges, the so-called badges, which learners receive after achieving individual learning successes. After successfully completing an entire course, the participants also automatically receive a certificate of participation as a pdf file for download. The certificate includes, among other things, the title of the training, the content learned and the time invested, which we call work-load.”

Prof. Dr. Finally, Monique Janneck adds:

"As the Institute for Interactive Systems at the TH Lübeck, we give those interested in learning digitally prepared educational content in different languages ​​that is didactic and methodical, but also varied in terms of content, both at Christmas and on all other days of the year. We ourselves, in turn, receive gifts from learners who benefit from our work and can develop personally or professionally with our online courses.”