1. Practice-oriented Education 
All professors at TH Lübeck have experience working outside of academia in the private sector, they can provide you with hands-on experience during your studies and prepare you for a promising career. 

2. Attractive City & Region
Lübeck has a lot to offer. The Baltic Sea is very close and you can you can choose from a wide range of cultural and sport activities. If this is not enough for you, Hamburg is less than an hour away.

3. No Tuition Fees
In Germany there are no tuition fees in many places – Lübeck is one of them. This means that you can study at the TH Lübeck without having to pay for tuition. The only fee is for the semester ticket and administrative fees – this is currently less than 300 Euros for the whole semester.

Need more reasons?

Made in Germany

In some countries, people smile about the German penchant for order, punctuality and quality - we think that these values are still modern today. And that it‘s still okay to laugh about them together.

Quality of life

Whether you want to visit one of our many excellent restaurants oder enjoy time alone at the baltic sea, Lübeck offers a broad range of options

Sports facilities

Our campus has a broad range of sports facilities where you can have a good time with your fellow students

Modern laboratories

Well-equipped laboratories enable training according to the latest standards

International Welcome Program

Our International Office has developed a welcome program for international students, where you will meet many of your fellow students and get to know TH Lübeck.