Cross-border Colaboration

The Interreg region exhibits very specific energy reference patterns which are a result of its distinctive structure. The region is characterized by tourism areas, dispersed agricultural lands and small enterprises. In addition, there are partially isolated structures such as islands with locally distributed energy sources and small industrial sites.

These areas have a very specific energy demand, which result in consumption patterns that differ strongly from internationally standardized energy consumption patterns. Additionally, the region also needs to deal with a huge number of decentralized installations of renewable energies such as wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, as well as with unresolved challenges regarding energy storage.

In particular, energy storage is also economically challenging. A more efficient use of locally supplied energy through intelligent energy management systems and individually customized decentralized storages reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can be economically viable for companies. This is only possible as long as the installation is dimensioned accordingly and the company's awareness regarding technologies and possibilities is encouraged with help from reference systems.

The general public and regional companies are still lacking the comprehensive knowledge concerning technologies and options already available, as well as the ecological and economic benefits these technologies bring with them. The planned project will support businesses and citizens in the region, by increasing awareness on the importance of sustainable energy supply, energy saving and the development of technical and economical energy related backgrounds regarding dynamic energy efficiency.