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The “Energy and Environmental Management“ department at Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) is part of the interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems (Zentrum für Nachhaltige Energiesysteme, ZNES), a common institution of both EUF and Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. At the chair for energy and resource economics, held by Prof. Dr. Olav Hohmeyer, a team of ten researchers work on topics in the field of energy and environmental management.

Research activity in the “Energy and Environmental Management” department has two main focuses. On the one hand energy systems fully based on renewable energy sources are being modeled and analyzed. On the other hand local and regional climate protection concepts are being developed. In both fields, the shaping of a global environmentally friendly and affordable energy system is at the core of the research activity.

Moreover, economic engineers are being educated at the “Energy and Environmental Management” department in the eponymous Master’s course. During the research project, Europa-Universität Flensburg will develop new and deepened insights in the field of distributed energy systems, in particular with regard to different consumers. Energy system models that already have been successfully developed („renpass“, „“) can support the modeling and complement the findings gained.

Europa-Universität Flensburg has an excellent background and expertise in the field of energy systems modeling, e.g. with its own powerful “renpass” and “OEMoF” platform software. Renpass allows to model energy systems with a high temporal and spatial resolution and the regional energy system can be further developed within Renpoass in frames of the research project.


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