97. CoSA-Seminar am 24.06.2024

Das 96. CoSA-Seminar am Montag dem 24.06.2024 um 10:00 Uhr statt. Das CoSA-Seminar findet in Präsenz im Raum 17-01.02 statt.


hiermit laden wir zum CoSA-Seminar am Montag dem 24.06.2024 um 10:00 Uhr ein. Das CoSA-Seminar findet in Präsenz im Raum 17-01.02 statt. 

Wir haben folgenden Vortrag geplant:

Steve Holland: Keeping It Real: An Impedance Matching Tutorial
In high-frequency applications, where the physical system size is an appreciable fraction of a wavelength or larger at the operating frequency, successful designers must contend with the wave behavior of the electromagnetic energy flowing through the system. Wave reflection at interfaces is particularly problematic, leading to reduced power transfer, power handling issues due to high VSWR, and in extreme cases severe damage to devices such as high-power transmitters. Impedance matching techniques allow the designer to minimize wave reflections and as a result maximize performance, yet these matching techniques can often seem like mysterious magic to many engineers, especially those used to operating at low frequencies, where the wave behavior can be safely ignored. This talk provides an intuitive tutorial on basic techniques for matching a complex load impedance to the (typically) real characteristic impedance of the system – and shows why these matching circuits aren’t anything to be afraid of! Throughout, the Smith chart is utilized as the design tool of choice for designing lumped element, transmission line stub, and quarter-wave transformer impedance matching networks.<o:p></o:p>

Der Vortrag dauert ca. 50 Minuten mit anschließend 10 Minuten Diskussion. Wir freuen uns auf eine rege und aktive Teilnahme.