95. CoSA-Seminar am 22.04.2024

Das 95. CoSA-Seminar findet am Montag dem 22.04.2024 um 11:45 Uhr statt. Das CoSA-Seminar findet in Präsenz im MFC1 in Raum 02.3/4 statt.

Hiermit laden wir zum CoSA-Seminar am Montag dem 22.04.2024 um 11:45 Uhr ein. Das CoSA-Seminar findet in Präsenz im MFC1 in Raum 02.3/4 statt.

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Fabian John: 5G Coverage Measurements Inside a Vessel During the Unloading and Loading in the Harbor
In this study, we investigate the potential of using 5G technology to provide wireless communication services inside a vessel during the unloading and loading processes in the harbor. We conducted measurements in a real-world setting using a mobile 5G-SA campus network provided by the University of Applied Sciences in Lübeck. The measurements were taken on a vessel at the Skandinavienkai harbor in Lübeck, Germany, and aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of two different antenna positions for providing coverage. Our results indicate that the hypothesis, directing the antenna toward the open stern ramp provides sufficient signal strength for communication over 5G. The measurements were taken using a system consisting of a 5G core and RAN with a transmission power of 5W and an antenna with a horizontal beam width of 60° and a vertical beam width of 11°. Our findings have important implications for developing wireless communication systems for naval and logistic applications in the future.

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