Ayman Soukieh 





Since September 1st 2022 I started working at the University of Applied Science Lübeck as a scientific researcher and I am a member of the CoSA family.  I am interested in the physical layer of the communication system, especially channel and source coding.  Currently, I am part of the O5G-N-IoT project which is concerned about supporting firefighters  with a 5G coverage when carrying out their tasks as the video and measured data at the rescue site are transmitted to the operation's center/control center with low latency.


  • Bachelor degree in Communications Engineering in 2009. 
  • Service Engineer in the medical field by a subsidiary of Philips.
  • Master degree degree in Digital Communications at University of Kiel in 2021.
  • IT Support Engineer in the field of computer networks with 4-Elements Gruppe firm.
  • Research Associate in CoSA since Sept. 2022.

Research Projects


A. Soukieh, A. Yaqot, and H. Hellbrueck, ``HLS: Hierachical Lossless Segmentation - A New Approach for Bilevel Image Compression,'' in Proc. IEEE ICECCME2022, Maldives, Nov. 2022.