Dorina Gumm
Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Dorina Gumm

Telefon:+49 451 300 5761

Dorina Gumm is Professor of Web Information Systems at the TH Lübeck since 2015. Before that, she worked as a consultant (conception and development for web applications, requirements management, project management) at effective WEBWORK GmbH in Hamburg.

Research interests and activities: privacy & security, web technologies, digital maturity and social issues, change processes through digitization in education and the world of work.

Find topics for project work and theses in the areas of web, security, privacy at:

Projects (Selection)

  • QualiCS - Development of a needs-based training offer on the currently pressing topic of IT security for employees of the Life Science North Cluster in Schleswig-Holstein: Development of MOOCS for "Awareness for IT Security", "Password Security
  • Chaos macht Schule - CCC's educational project to strengthen the digital maturity of students, teachers and parents. Focus on data protection and network policy


My focus in teaching is on the following subject areas:

  •      Web technologies (client and server side)
  •      Basics of IT security
  •      Digital Impact (opportunities, risks and design options for a digitized society; across SG)
  •      Information and project management




[2008]Mensch, Technik, Ärger? Zur Beherrschbarkeit soziotechnischer Dynamik aus transdisziplinärer Sicht(D. Gumm, M. Janneck, R. Langer, E. Simon), Lit-Verlag, 2008. [bib]

Artikel and Book Chapters

[2008]Soziotechnische Systeme und ihre transdisziplinäre Erforschung - eine Skizze(R. Langer, E. Simon, D. Gumm, M. Janneck), Chapter in Mensch, Technik, Ärger? Zur Beherrschbarkeit soziotechnischer Dynamik aus transdisziplinärer Sicht Lit-Verlag (D. Gumm, M. Janneck, R. Langer, E. Simon, eds.), 2008. [bib]

Conference Publications

[2007]Requirements Engineering for Software Recontextualization(D. Gumm, M. Janneck), In Proceedings of 30th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (T. Tiainen, H. Isomäki, M. Korpela, A. Mursu, M.-K. Paakki, S. Pekkola, eds.), 2007. [bib]
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[2006]CCS - eine Methode zur kontextübergreifenden Softwareentwicklung(M. Finck, H. Obendorf, M. Janneck, D. Gumm), In Mensch & Computer 2006 (A. M. Heinecke, H. Paul, eds.), 2006. [bib]

Workshop Publications

[2008]Bridging Different Use Contexts in Distributed Participatory Design(M. Janneck, D. Gumm), In Second Workshop on Distributed Participatory Design at CHI 2008 - Conference on Human Factors in Computing, 2008. [bib]