Since 01 April 2021, I have been a research assistant at the Competence Centre Communication - Systems - Applications (CoSA) at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. During my Bachelor's degree, I specialised in software development for embedded systems. This allowed me to gain knowledge in the field of signal processing and digital technology and apply it in various projects in the field of the Internet of Things.

After graduating, I decided to apply the skills I had acquired in my Bachelor's degree to the digitalisation of the healthcare system and began my Master's degree in Medical Informatics at the University of Lübeck. I particularly enjoy the interdisciplinary collaboration with people from the healthcare sector and computer science in exciting projects on the topics of ambient care, nanonetworks or the AI-supported diagnosis of diseases.

I am particularly interested in software projects in the area of the Internet of Things and Ambient Computing, in which computer technology is integrated into the user environment and supports us in our everyday lives without us still perceiving them as technical objects. These include, in particular, applications in the area of Ambient Care, Wearable Computing and Ambient Assisted Living.


At the moment, I am researching the implementation of AI systems in distributed systems in order to find useful applications for companies in Schleswig Holstein. The focus is on the development of an internet-based AI platform to make AI models publicly accessible, to transfer expertise and to collect ideas and suggestions for AI applications. At the same time, I would like to explain the keywords artificial intelligence in a comprehensible way and examine the opportunities and limits of this topic area.


Academic Development
since 2021Research assistant at CoSA in the AI Hub Transfer project | TH-Lübeck
2018 – todayM.Sc. Medical informatics | Universität zu Lübeck
2014 – 2018B.Sc. Applied Computer Science | University of Applied Sciences Fulda
Professional Development
2020 – 2021Research assistant at CoSA in the PASBADIA and MOIN project | TH-Lübeck
2018Internship in the field of Connected Car & HiL Simulation | Porsche Engineering Services GmbH
2015Research assistant in the field of sustainable data centres | University of Applied Sciences Fulda
2011 – 2014Training as an IT specialist for system integration | tegut... gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG


Research Projects