Since July 2017 I am research associate at the faculty electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck. I deal with human-centered design of data visualizations and user interfaces using various usability methods such as paper prototyping and eye tracking etc.


2017-todayResearch associate at the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck
2016-todayFreelance graphic and web designer (Creative-Material)
2013-2015Media production and public relations at the Fraunhofer EMB
2012-2017Study of Computer Science with the degree "Master of Sciences" at the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck
2010-2012Student Assistant at the Fraunhofer EMB
2009-2012Study of Information Technology and Design with the degree "Bachelor of Sciences" at the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck
2006-2009Study of Visual Communication with the degree "Communication Designer" at the Academy of Design in Hamburg (HTK)
2006A-level, Hamburg



Teaching Activities

Digital media design (internship)


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