Horst Hellbrück
Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing.
Horst Hellbrück

Telefon:+49 451 300 5042

Student Consultation-Hours

During the Semester:

Monday 16:00h -17:00h 

Wednesday 16:30h - 17:00h (On Request)

In the Semester Break on Request only.


The Center of Excellence CoSA (Communications - Systems - Applications) deals with Communication Networks, Distributed Systems and their applications. My interest are modern structures like wireless mobile networks and sensor networks. Of special interest are sensor networks in various application fields from medical applications to underwater technologies.

Current Projects

  • 5G-TELK-NF

    Development of a hybrid method for non-invasive determination of blood pressure using ultra wideband (UWB) radar and ultrasound.

  • Baltic Future Port

  • DING
    Digital infrastructure for sustainable building operation

    Development of a measuring system for the detection and location of objects in sediments

  • KI-5G
    AI-assisted resource allocation in private 5G networks

  • KI-TransferHUB
  • MDZ-SH
    Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Schleswig-Holstein

    Patient-centric smartphone-based diagnostics with local and central AI platform for primary care in rural areas

  • TGZ
    Technologies for a Healthy Future

Completed Projects

  • IoTiSS
    Internet of Things in Smart Streetlighting
    Wireless, rugged, adaptive, industrial systems
    Multisensory adjustment of invasive blood pressure measurement to compensate for changes in body position
    Compensated blood pressure measurement by analysis of heart sounds in a body-area network
  • m:flo
    Multiple frequency bands for localization
  • Mittelstand 4.0
    Digitization for medium-sized businesses

  • MOIN
    Minimal tracking infrastructure

  • RosiE
    Robust and safety-relevant real-time localization
    Bionic Observation and Survey System – Cognition and Network
  • SoCor
    Strategies for cooperative spectrum sensing in Cognitive Radio networks
  • DataCast
    Data-centric network protocol on the Internet
  • G-Lab
    Real-World G-Lab
  • SoFT
    Self-organizing radio transmission technology
  • TriSOS
    Smart Object Systems, Self-Organizing Systems, Service Oriented Systems
  • AutoNomos
  • MarathonNet
Symposium and Organizations
  • since 2005 Active Member of KuVS Distributed Systems Group of the GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik)
  • 2006 4. German KuVS Summer School 2006 - Selforganisation, Organisation and Chair of the Workshop
  • 2008 Multi Konferenz (Mensch & Computer, DeLFI, Cognitive Design, Usability Professionals), Exhibition Chair
  • since 2009 Leitungsgremium der GI/ITG-Fachgruppe KuVS
  • 2009 GI Jahrestagung Lübeck, Exhibition Chair
  • 2011 KiVS Kiel, Workshop Chair
  • since 2011 Reviewer for Acquin-Accreditation agency
  • since 2011 Reviewer for BMBF
  • since 2012programmanager for theinternational studyprogram in Electrical Engineering (ISE) at theLübeck University of Applied Sciences
  • from 2013 to 2019 Vice Chairman Life Life Science Nord e.V.
  • since 2013 Member of ITG 5.2.1 System Architectures and Traffic Engineering
  • since 2013 Head of Center of Excellence CoSA.
  • since 2018programmanager for the master program in Electrical Engineering (AIT) at theLübeck University of Applied Sciences
  • since 2019 Chairman of VDI of Regional Association VDI in Schleswig-Holstein


Reviewer für Journals
  • PMC (Pervasive and Mobile Computing - Elsevier)
  • PIK (Praxis der Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation)


Member of several international Program Committees
  • IADIS WWW/Internet (ICWI)
  • IASTED International Conference on Telematics
  • IASTED RTA International Conference on Robotics, Telematics and Applications
  • LOCALGOS (Workshop on Localized Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • LOCAN (Workshop on Localized Communication and Topology Protocols for Ad hoc Networks)
  • WMAN (Workshop on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks)


  • born October 23rd, 1967
  • Abitur 1986 at the Johannes Kepler Gymnasium Lebach
  • Diploma (equiv. to Master Degree) in Electrical Engineering in 1994 at the University of Saarland
  • Software Development 1994-1998 at Dräger in Lübeck
  • International Product Marketing 1998-2000 at eupec in Warstein
  • Research Associate in 200-2004 at International University in Germany, Bruchsal
  • Dissertation in Computer Science 2004 at Technical University in Braunschweig
  • Leader of the Automation Group in a Pharma-Projekt 2004-2005 at Roche Diagnostics GmbH in Mannheim
  • From February 2005 until January 2008: Research Assistant at the Institute of Telematics at the University of Lübeck, Germany
  • Since Februar 2008 Professor for Communicationsystems and Distributed Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck
  • Since December 2013 Head of Center of Excellence CoSA
  • Since 2016 Member of University of Lübeck at the Institute of Telematics


  • ANSim:
    Have a look at the new Web Site of ANSim www.ansim.info. A simple to use Ad-Hoc Network Simulator, developed for my PhD Thesis.
  • JGPSMap:
    A tool for visualizing arbitrary objects with GPS coordinates on a Map. Have a look at the Web Site of Project Web Site or download.

Teaching Activities

An overview of the courses is available at the web pages of the study programs.


International University in Bruchsal
  • Introduction to C Programming (MICT) - Programming Styles / Part: Procedural Programming (BSc)
  • Networking and Distributed Systems / Assistant (BSc)
  • Software Engineering / Assistant (MICT) 
  • Web Applications with Java and XML (BSc) 
  • Web Programming (MICT) 
  • Advanced Networking / Wireless Networks (MICT) 
  • Wireless Networks (MICT) 
  • Enterprise Information Systems I (MBA)
  • Information Systems (BBA)
  • Operating Systems (BSc)
  • Cryptographic Techniques / Practical Part: Applications (BSc)
Courses at University of Lübeck
  • Operating- and Communications Systems (BSc, MSc and Diplom)
  • Operating Systems (BSc and Diplom)
  • Computernetworks (BSc and Diplom)
  • Mobile Communications (MSc and Diplom)
  • Security in Networks and Distributed Systems (BSc, MSc and Diplom)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (MSc and Diplom)
  • Access to the course material is available at my old Homepage.
Courses at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences