Welcome Ceremony for Internationals 2023

3.30 p.m., room 2-1.02

Welcome at TH Lübeck! Photo: TH Lübeck

Save the best for last: As the crowning glory of an eventful and educational introductory phase, we enjoy the official Welcome Ceremony. Representatives of the university board, the deaneries and student committees welcome you in a festive event, accompanied by music. The winning team of the campus rally will be announced in this event.
After the ceremony, you are invited to a nice get-together with a snack buffet, organized by senior students.

Welcome Ceremony

3.30 p.m. room 2-1.02 (the first number stands for the number of the building, the second for the floor and the last for the room)

Here you can find all information that helps you getting started at TH Lübeck!